Roy Tanck gets top billing here. Seriously. He's the pimp who built the flash widget that makes all those photos on the right float around like that. His magic works on photos from both Flickr and Picasa. Click here to get the widget from the wizard himself.

Other TravelersThere are so many other travel blogs out there that I decided to dedicate an entire site to listing 'em. Better yet, it automatically keeps them in the order of what sites have been updated most recently. Useful? Yes! You can find that list here on Wayfaring Bloggers. - The premier resource for the hitchhiker. They also link to rideshares, laws and much more. One of our best rides in Europe came from a post on DigiHitch. Definitely check out their blog section. There are alotta amazing creatures on the road and these are some o' my favorites.

Temporary - The premier couchsurfing site. Host other travelers or find hosts near you. Best for Stateside travelers. - A slightly more moderate and sometimes more stylish version of CouchSurfing. I've had better luck with HospitalityClub in Europe than any other. - It's kinda new, but I'm in high hopes and need to check it out. I'd love to hear what others have to say.

Living LegendsVagaBlogging dot Net - Rolf Potts is... how you say it? ah... yes... "the man". His book "Vagabonding" came out six years after I started hitchhiking and opened up my world to being more professional in my methods. Other than his blog, the many resources he makes available on his site only go to show that he really is worthy of Legend-status.

If you think your page should be added to this list, then contact me. Make sure to provide the URL and what your blog or site is about. I'll review it and check back with you. No guarantees.

Landlore is also on Tumblr. This is pure travel inspiration in the form of quotes and photos. I keep the Landlore Tumblr page as my home page to remind me that I'll be back out on the road soon enough... and that this whole rooftop thing I've got going at the moment is only a temporary thing. [Landlore on Tumblr]

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