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Wanna write up a guest post here on Landlore or poke me to scrib up a lil somethin' somethin' for your site? Then read on precious... read on...

Guest Posting on Landlore Blog: Do you travel a lot? Is travel YOUR LIFE? Maybe you're a runaway, a graffiti artist, a hobo or a professional statue in Venice Beach. Well frakking welcome! If you want to write a guest post on your experience, then use the form below to contact me and start the conversation. Before even clicking "Send", however, there IS one thing. Ask yourself if what you're writing about is legal. If you're a runaway, don't tell me you're a runaway (or a tagger, don't tell me that you've been tagging the subway). Instead, tell me in the message that you want to write a fictional example of illegal activities that really are a part of the street. Also, if you just want to write fiction that isn't based on an actual experience, tell me the same thing. We'll mark the post as fiction. Everything else we can cover via email.

Tiki Guest Posting on Your Site: I'm at my best when given a specific place, event or aspect of life... but even just given a site to read up on and write a post in the spirit of that site works well with me. But there are two things that just don't fly with me: censorship and style-changes. I can be crude and often swear. If this is a problem, then probably best not to ask in the first place. My style is a very specific conversational method of grammar. I definitely want feedback and suggested edits, but if you have issues with grammar (or your readers have issues), then prolly best I steer clear of writing for your site. With the influx of l33t and lolspeak (not to mention how they've thwarted censorship on the Internet), this tendency to favor grammar over style is becoming a thing of the past.

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