The Books

There are five books planned for the "Landlore" series. The second is easily the one I can't wait to read myself. The series will be continued online even after I've retired from the books. The first book will also have an album of downtempo electronica music released around the same time made (and made specifically for other travelers). I may add music to other books in the series as well. One of my only requirements for each book is that they have a bookmarker bound into them to make for easy page-saving. It's a requirement with travelers... although creased pages do have a sort of "character" to them.

Landlore V.1: [title forthcoming] - Hitchhiking and alternative travel around the United States, focusing on rail hopping and hiking throughout the South-West while touching briefly on other locations. This covers my earlier years, locations and lessons as a hiker. I could never find a good modern book on hiking when I was just getting started, so I'm out to fill that gap for other would-be hikers while entertaining the everlovinsheizzehausen outta other travelers.

Landlore V.2: [title forthcoming] - My brother Zero and I made a dive into Mexico in 2004 that could easily fill more than one book. I'm throwing in other Mexican adventures and trying to get him in on the action at the same time. If you chuckled even once at anything I've written, then you wouldn't believe the tears of laughter you have in store for you when Zero's behind the wheel. Because we actually set out on this journey with a mission, one of the defining changes in V.2 is a cohesive narrative with sub-plots and other treasures along the way.

Landlore V.3: [title under debate and NOT being called Euroma] - Europe is one of those cliches that's cliched for a reason. There are ancient roads that can be hiked thru the mountains, and there are even pro-hiking countries in the North that make the life of a hiker far easier than other lands. My sister Gaea is almost certainly going to be in on this one. We're going to make yet another dive thru Europe while wrapping up writing on it.

Landlore V.4: [title forthcoming] - V.4 is a grayzone... in style, content, territories and even who'll be down with it.

Landlore V.5: [title forthcoming] - V.5 may as well have written itself. While I'm holding off from describing it, I can definitely say that it makes the logical conclusion to the "Landlore" series.