VanLife Street Art and Fractal Introduction from Le Plan in Paris, France

Infinite fractal worlds and endless horizons travelling and living in vans, cars, trains, and exploring all that is possible within the human spirit. Filmed live at the legendary Le Plan music venue in Paris, France and centered on street art, travel, and fractals.

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This is part of my 18-year anniversary since the day on June 30th of 2000 that I became a hitchhiker, later a world DJ, and now a VanLifer who designs are and products while on the road.

Song: "Words without Wind" by Jaya Prime

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Shouting out so much love and gratitude to YOU -- to all my patrons, investors, and supporters who fuel every mile along the road and who sets these fractals on fire: The Skybreak Tribe; Laus Tibi Christe; The Realtor 4 You; Ibrahim AlHusseini; Fractal Sky; Gaea Phoenix; Terry Gotham; Jedi Trevor; both SJ and John; LiLi Glitch; Mark Mandel; and iGistics.