The Vegas Underground

[Port] The Shadow of Vegas: After reading the article "Lost Vegas" in The Sun, I realized that the world being built beneath Las Vegas is even more extensive than the one in the New York City subways, and worlds away from the ratfest beneath Tucson. Underground cities are nothing new to our civilization, and they're perfect destinations for darklovers such as myself.

Entering the tunnels beneath Vegas is no "holiday in the sun", but it sure beats out trying to outrace a subway train. Similar to Tucson, the storm tunnels themselves are the entrance. You're looking at 'em:

Photo by Rex

And inside the tunnels? Rats? Falling pieces of metal and concrete? Zombies? You'd be surprised.

Photo by Austin Hargrave

I'll tell you, this is already more organized than the tunnels in New York. Also, it shows a heightened degree of trust in this community, as these bikes in the photo would never be safe sitting out like that in New York. The organization in the kitchen also shows that they cook together, and my guess is that they have many communal gatherings to keep everyone knit tight as a group. In the shadow of Las Vegas, there is something growing and thriving.

The Vegas tunnels definitely have much more run-off than the ones in Tucson, as the floors are damp or wet at all times. Almost everything is up on crates, boards, or shipping palettes. The "elevated" feeling gives the underground city its own unique texture and atmosphere. I really need to go check this out, and pack me a bag as full of food and spirits and go pay a visit. The underground city, filled with what the Sun was calling "The Tunnel People", has many smiling faces in the darkness, and many families who live here in the shadows.

Photo by Austin Hargrave

And? They have entire areas set aside for graffiti and art, down within the warm darkness where no police will go to stop them from making their art. There is much more in the article, including full-color and full-resolution versions of each photo. Check it out [Here on The Sun].

The Song of the Day: This time, the Song of the Day comes in from my sister Gaea, who got this song stuck in my head for nearly a month. You've been warned, as the melody and rhythm will pull you in, and they're not apt to let you go. If you dig what you're hearing, it's up for free download [Here from the Artist].