All Around 360

[Resource] 360 Panoramas: This one comes in thanks to LiLi, who showed me this site ONLINE, where you can look around Paris while perched on The Eiffel Tower. Check that one out [Here on PhotoJPL]. Oh, but there's more, and a LOT more! Like hitting up Time Square, or spinning around the Chinese Lantern Festival.
Now WARNING! Danger Will Robinson!!! They have sound and it's almost always annoying music. Quick, when you click a link, go to the bottom of the panorama and click the square audio icon to turn it the hell off. OFF!!! I don't know who is browsing the music and actually WANTS to hear sound coming from a website, but it ain't me. Moving on... while there is no way that PhotoJPL can replace that true experience of a place, it makes for a tasty exploration to get your mouth wet and to familiarize yourself with a target before you actually go there. Check out for panoramas of places, museums, festivals, and more!