The Day Out of Time

The year comes to an end, and the Day Out of Time is tomorrow on the 21st... and then the Year in a Day the day after, a day that comes only every four years. There is so much that has happened in the past four years I need to reflect on.... and, looking to the future, so many things to work towards in the next four years.

I am in the country of Andorra, too far from the woman I love, but fighting for ways for us to be together. I have learned more about the laws of the Schengen Zone in the past month than I think anyone should know. Before, I ignored those laws like many others... but I am no longer alone, and ignoring them could mean being exiled more than 10,000kms from my woman.. and other dangers also. Level of everything-hell-the-frakked-up at well over 1000% and killing me.

Tomorrow, on the Day Out of Time, I will walk and climb into the mountains of Andorra and away from the world... returning in a few days. There are many, many mountain refuges here in Andorra. I will be hiking to the Els Agols Refuge [Latitude: 42.51108325890067, Longitude: 1.6089284420013427, PDF]. It is the tiny dot under the green arrow [Here on GoogleMaps]. If you zoom in, you can actually see the refuge.

The refuges in Andorra are stocked with water, beds, and often have wood and a fireplace. There are 27 of them around the country, secluded away in the mountains and free to anyone who wants to stay there. The government uses helicopters to deliver food and remove garbage. You can find out more about each refuge [Here on the Main Site]. If I can record at least a few seconds of video from the refuge, I will... but the power on my laptop is literally measured in minutes (if not seconds).

Andorra is a country of many beauties, merging so many things from the modern world with wonders of the natural world... a land of wind and stone. Stay tuned, I will definitely share more about this beautiful country.. but first I hope to share this beauty with my woman, and soon. Cheers lovelies!