You can only be married on Saturdays

You heard that right: "You can only be married on Saturdays." *

Now, this is France I am talking about, and I am going completely on word-of-mouth.... BUT, the word is: you can only be married on a Saturday. Divorced? ANY DAY!!! Ooooh yeaaah! Laugh now, but I think that this could be a very very good idea. Listen! France has 10% (or more) less divorces than America. W00T!!! AND, France also has about 30% less marriages than America. Win again!! Less money going to the government for a legal paper that says "I love you", and less money going to the government for a legal paper that says, "I hate you". Why do we need these government-signed pieces of toilet paper anyway? You see!?? This is all win! I think it is time to experiment with this "only married on Saturday" concept in other parts of the world. Any takers? America, I'm looking at you.

But that's not all, I also need to talk about a very special beer, specifically to those poor souls who have NOT tried it yet.. Desperados!! All in the video...

Note: This post is for entertainment purposes, and I have not verified that there is any legal ban on marriage outside of Saturdays. Marriage quite possibly CAN happen on other days, and France naturally has lower divorce and marriage rates.