1 Week With My Woman

1 week and 1 day, and here I am across the ocean avec the woman I love, and time to take a brief moment to update everyone. Yesterday, my woman took us near the center of Paris and to the Eiffel Tower, including and especially the nearby super-fountain, as well as the parks, the monuments, and the beautiful weather that came to Paris on Saturday. And best of all, passing the day with this incredible beautiful creature in my arms.

Note: Daylight Savings time is being fired!! I lost one hour in America before I flew over the ocean. Now, because Europe changes the time later than America, I lost 1 MORE HOUR on this side of the ocean. Can't we stop this Daylight Savings craziness already??

Song of the Day: San Jaya Prime - Watch Me [Download]

Places No One Has Ever Been

"The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. Those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before." ~Einstein

A Different List

This Friday, I get on a plane to cross the ocean. Normally when I'm packing, I tell all of you what I'm packing and why I'm packing it. Not this time. This time's different. This time I am not flying to a place, in so much as the place is inconsequential, because this time I am flying to a person. I am flying to the woman I love, and who fucking loves me. I am flying to a woman who also hears the call of the horizon. And this is not a trip or a visit, but something entirely new.

Since I won't be covering "the list" this time, let's look back on other lists. The easiest is from my journey into Mexico with my brother Zero in 2004. Other than the clothes I was wearing, this is all that I took with me:

Yes, I took juggling balls with me. My passport, a compass, a Swiss Army Knife, a book that I will not name here, and a bag with items that I will not disclose here. We were riding on the winds of fate, and we were well taken care of. Mad love for Mexico!!

My very first journey hitchhiking started on June 30th of 2000. Let me tell ya, I had a lot to learn. I took a backpack that was too small, with more than 10 books, and almost no clothes. In 2 days I was giving books away, in 3 days I was changing out clothes, and in a week I was learning on an hourly basis!! I also had no idea about first aid at the time, but as usual, nothing was going to stop me.

One more, my loveliez, one more list... one of the more detailed lists, and after years of experience to help with the packing. On November 1st of 2007, I got on a plane with my sister Gaea and my friend Darth Murphy, heading to Ireland and then onward to the European mainland. And the packing manifesto was as good as it gets for such a trip with no definite ending:

Me (or, more appropriately, ON me):
• Pea Coat
• Hoodie
• Glove-Mitts
• 5.11 Swat Boots
• Birkenstock Sandals
• Pocket Raincoat
• Eagle Creek Meridean Backpack
• Neckstrap Wallet [contents undisclosed]
• Death's Head Pirate Coin
• 2 Rings
• 3>1 Necklace
• Cigarette Case
• Cigar Cutter

Top Drawer (Outer-Most Minipocket):
• Pilot G2 Pens, Black
• Sharpies, Black
• Scissors
• First-Aid Kit Pouch
• Lip Balm
• Raspberry Emergen-C
• Spork

Washroom (Larger, Outside Pocket):
• Deodorant
• Toothbrush and Singing Toothbrush
• Crest Cinnamon Toothpaste
• Mach-5 Razor
• Shaver
• Shaving Cream
• Hand Lotion
• Nail Clippers

Bedroom (Inner Chamber Pocket):
• 2 Bandanas
• 4 Sock Pairs
• 3 Jeans/Cargo Pants
• 4 Shirts
• 1 Cloth Cleaning Bag

The Study (Inner Chamber Pocket):
• 2 Composition Books
• [Book] Mark Danielewski - House of Leaves
• [Book] Tom Stoppard - Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
• [Book] Edward Fitzgerald - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
• [Book] Italian in 10-Minutes a Day

Electronics Department (Inner Chamber Pocket):
• PSP, PSP Camera, and Photo Editing PSP Disc
• Gen-1 and Gen-2 iPod Shuffle
• Various Connectors
• 240 > 120 Power Adapter
• Music Library on DVD

Pocketbooks (Wherever):
• The Pocket
• Quick Notebook
• Moleskin, Madrid
• Moleskin, Miniature
• Truths and Meditations Journal
• Passport
• [Book] Victor Frankl - Man's Search for Meaning

Also, my REI Multi-Towel got draped thru the handhold at the very top of my pack. The sucker worked wonders when it came to how quick it could dry, and exposure to air increased the hell outta that speed. The Electronics Department, the Study, and the Bedroom each had their own dry-sacks, as I prefer to enjoy rain when it's warm and without worrying about anything important getting "the drench". The Top Drawer and the Washroom, however, were only shielded behind freezer bags and/or sandwich baggies. Don't laugh! It works.

Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow I fly to the woman I love. This is a very different adventure, and together, there are a million horizons for us to fly to. Cheers y'all... and much love!