Lesson - Archive, Pack, 'n Purge

Lesson - Archive, Pack, 'n Purge: One o' the most gratifying ways to say goodbye is by making gifts of all the "stuff" you'd otherwise be leaving behind. Instead of paying to store it, you have a gift to give away with each farewell. You don't need those possessions any more... 'n it's exciting to go thru each item and think of who it's perfect for. "Who will enjoy this the most? Who needs this? Who'll get the most use out of this?" You ask yourself these questions, 'n you'll find that you already know the peep an item's meant for.

When you give things away to the peeps they're meant for, you'll find that you naturally remember who has what. If you want to re-read a book or re-watch a movie, you know exactly where to find 'em... 'n it gives you another connection to see a friend at the same time. This is the very essence of a gift that keeps on giving.

A purge like this is only for the more experienced travelers... those who've already had their hearts set on fire by the road. If you run into things you can't bring yourself to give away... but can't carry on your back... then pack 'em down as tight as they'll go 'n ask a friend to store it. Someone'll say "yes"... 'n it's hella cheaper than storin' it. I have a large suitcase that I call my "closet". Peeps all over Austin have stored it away for me... sometimes years at a time... 'n it guarantees that I'll see those faces again as soon as I return. If your archive is any larger than a suitcase, though, be prepared to hold a garage sale or check back into a storage unit.

You'll find that purges make for some o' the most memorable moments. You've given a gift that matters to a person who matters. It sticks! One of my most memorable purges wasn't to a friend though... it was to a young boy with bright eyes 'n a big smile. My friend Tink 'n I were sharing coffee 'n conversation at our favorite pancake house when I spotted the kid. There was a bag of Lego blocks on our table that'd caught the boy's eyes. The Legos had their own story... but they were about to change storytellers. As we made to leave, I asked the boy's mother if she'd object to me leaving the Legos with him. Although surprised, she gladly accepted. And the boy's expression of delight is a look that I'll never forget. This is an action with an impact. Never underestimate the power of a gift that is given in the absence of gain.

Song of the Day: Of Porcelain - Still in Motion [unreleased]