The Way (2011)

I'd normally pass on this type o' flic, assuming that it'd get everything wrong, but the trailer sold me and my sister Gaea was treating. And I've gotta say: I'm impressed. Pilgrims, backpackers, and travelers alike will all find something to enjoy and be inspired by here in this movie.. . and, if your ass is as landlocked as I am, your wanderlust will have you going crazy. The kind of crazy where you're thinking about what banks deserve to be robbed. The movie centers on four travelers who're walking the Way of Saint James--the pilgrims' path through northern Spain, stretching from the French border to the Atlantic, and spanning the length of the Pyrenees mountains. Needless to say, the vistas are breathtaking, and it's actually a damned good representation of the spiritual and human sides of traveling (both the ups AND downs). Backed by some solid acting and a soundtrack that doesn't make me want to commit mass murder, I'm definitely out to proselytize the movie to others.

The movie holds a special place for anyone who's specifically interested in the Way of Saint James, as well as for those who've already walked the Camino de Santiago. It covers many points along the way of the pilgrimage, everything from various essential items, to people and faces along the way, to the lessons themselves. It's a more authentic representation than I normally give Hollywood (and independents) credit for, and it's a movie that I'll return to on multiple occasions. Mad thanks to Gaea for not only turning me on to the movie, but treating me to the show as well. It's somewhat fitting that my high-endurance sandals broke as we walked to the movie.

Care to take a little walk?

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