The Worldwide Teleporter Race and Scavenger Hunt

It's time to start building the list of travelers who'll be part of The Worldwide Teleporter Race and Scavenger Hunt. Yes, the tech could be ten or twenty years away, as science has been behind schedule on this one, but we're going to start the list now.

Who are the racers?
Olivia Demdem
Andromeda Ross
Pierced Hearts and True Love
Xoltan Maje

What does the race entail? Once there are at least seven or twelve working teleporters in cities around the planet, the race will circumnavigate the globe a single time. The locations depend on what cities have the first working teleporters. Also, the race will be part scavenger hunt. Fun! To teleport to the next city, you'll need to find the item on your list. There's a 24-hour time limit, giving about two hours per city if there are a full 12 working teleporters at the time. Racers who want to get any sleep will need to tag-team it. There'll be parties on both sides of the race, for the kick-off party and for the afterparty. In fact, I'll DJ during both parties. I hope everybody likes trip-hop and dubstep, because I don't DJ much of anything else these days... 'n dubstep is the future.

Teleporter Race? WTF are you talking about? During the Travelers' Night-In meeting three weeks ago, they asked the question: "Tell us your fantasy travel experience?" Let's just say that teleporters are ALWAYS on my mind, especially recently. Naturally, I answered, "Teleporters! How many countries in one day? Tell me that wouldnt be awesome!" Christine Letts RTd and added, "Exactly!" Chile's own Hostels and Tours chimed in with a vote also, but it was Katrina Mauro who made it a race, tweeting, "When it happens, I'll race you!" I tagged on the scavenger hunt part, with Sara Beth agreeing and Katrina saying, "I'm so in!" Hostels and Tours is definitely in, tweeting, "@GoSaraBeth @iTikiTweet @KatrinaMauro @christineletts this is so much fun! i feel i´m actually teleporting right now! i am so gonna win!", as well as Christine with another, "I'm in!"

Needless to say, "It's on!"

If you're in, or if you have any suggestions for the race, leave your name in the comments. We have plenty of time to work out the details, as science hasn't even completed an economically viable flying car. Sheesh! The world's too far behind schedule on a lot of this... but it'll catch up.