Rock Like Ozzy... in Mexico!

Story - Rock Like Ozzy: My brother Zero and I stopped and stood quietly for a moment after passing thru the border guard... now truly on American soil. They'd asked us what we'd been doing in Matamoros. With a shrug, we told 'em that we'd been out for a night's drinks and some writing... no hitchhiking... no drugs... and certainly no demons. Just drinking. They bought the story.

Looking back towards Mexico, Zero said, "Well... that was Mexico."

I smiled, saying, "If there's one thing we've left behind, we've taught their children how to rock like Ozzy!"

I'd thrown up a fist, with index and pinkie fingers extended--The Horns. Zero met my horns with his, laughing, "Rock like Ozzy!" This was victory.

And there's a damned good story behind all this silliness. Here's how I like to tell it...

We'd found a bus stop in Coatzacoalcos de Mexico, one that edged up nicely against the railroad tracks. The trains left the yard just blocks up the street. Not that any trains actually left the yard, but we'd been hoping for a train for almost 12hours. The one train we did jump in Coatzacoalcos reversed course, then pulled back into the yard. No bueno!

We took turns playing the lookout, while the other rested. Children from the surrounding shops and houses were drawn to go investigate the two gringos cranking Zzzs down at the bus stop. Zero, when he couldn't understand the children, took to teaching them English. Not just any kinda English... pop culture English.

Zero: "Rock... rock..."

Children: "Rrog... rroggg..."

Zero, waving hands: "No, rock!" *throwing the horns* "Rock!"

Children: "Rokghu... Rokkh!"

Zero: "Bueno! Muy bueno. Now, rock like Ozzy."

Children, throwing horns: "Rock lick Izzy!"

Zero: "Ozzy! Rock like Ozzy!"

Children: "Rock like Ozzy! Rock like Ozzy!"

Hours passed. The sun began to set. Eleven Mexican children danced in a circle around Zero. He gleefully shouts, "Rock like Ozzy!" The kids answered in a chorus. "Rock like Ozzy!"

Zero looked over at me. "We're not jumping this train, are we?"

"No. We're not catching this train."

I motioned my head towards the street. Zero broke himself from the circle, holding up his palm in the sign for "stay". Once he'd joined me at a breakaway distance, he turned the "stay" back into the horns, shouting one last "rock like Ozzy!"

A final round of "rock like Ozzy" began as we turned and sought our exit from this city elsewhere.

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