Pardon My Identity

I hesitate to talk about my DJ-side here on Landlore. He's Jaya, I'm Tiki, and we keep our lives fairly separate. But the fact is, out of 890 remixes, he's sitting at #6 in the world as I write this. This is Daft Punk and Disney we're talking about. I'd be a bastard to make him fight this one out on his own. As an added bonus, you'll find the link to download the remix for free in the description on the voting page. Here's where to click the big blue "Vote" button.

The album art for this remix was awarded a Daily Deviation [Here on deviantART] today. So much thanks goes out to Lilyas for the feature, and to the dA community for their support. It's never a one man show. Last year, Jaya was one of the runner-ups in Peppermill's "2999" competition for his track "Escape from Hunahpu". This year, it's For-The-Win!

You're a part of that. Vote for the remix, click "Like" while you're there, share it, and download your copy. Every vote counts in ways you can't even imagine. I promise that Jaya isn't going to invade Landlore. This is my place, and your place, and he'd take it all over if he could. That's not happening. I'm not going to try 'n tell ya that I'm not crazy. Never believe a hitchhiker who makes any claim to sanity. They're lying thru their teeth.

Besides... we all know there's no such thing as "sanity".