Travel Fail, Travel Win

Double-hitter, one full of travel win... the other full of laughter at seven different travel fails. Let's kick it off with the win!

Why choose to travel solo? In eighty-eight days, Lauren is going to set sail on her travels... and she's going it solo. Bravo! Bravismo! This isn't a foolhardy jump into traveling solo without reason. Instead, Lauren's really nailed down some of the best benefits to meeting the horizon on your own terms and by yourself. Don't miss this article on Never-Ending Footsteps.

Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Travelers: If you've ever wanted to get travel wrong, then you're in luck! Landlopers has given the scrib to the seven habits that you can adopt to make sure you get the least out of your adventures. Who wants adventure anyways? That's what hotels are for.

Word of the day: (Spanish) "aberrante"; aberrant, deviant