The moment that changes everything

Untitled by Qynn Vee

Lesson - The moment that changes everything: You've been at the carnival for some time now. You've ridden the rides, you've laughed with your friends, and you've had more than your fair share of funnel cake. In fact, you shouldn't've shared that cotton candy a few minutes ago. You can feel it. The day has worn you out. You're ready to leave... except there's that one "friend" who wants to stay. Isn't there always? Your desire to leave is less than their desire to stay, and so you stay.

Day drags towards nightfall. You feel you could almost pass out or throw up, whichever comes first. Then it happens. The sun begins to set. The sky itself begins to color and dim. Is it just you, or has the fair become more quiet? Finally, as the last light of the day looses its hold on the night, the electric neon world of the carnival bursts into vivid life. Rides, booths, restaurants and games all explode in new colors of light. The air itself changes color, glowing in tandem with the neon rows of rainbow bulbs.

That surreal moment between day and night has passed. A new world is born. It's still the same fair that has tortured you for the past few hours, but it isn't. It's transformed. You feel energized--charged; dare I say, 'enchanted'? You can't believe that, just minutes ago, you felt like dying. Did someone change the music? You can feel the beat... the pulsing and breathing of the night itself. You feel like you could stay up all night in this new wonderland. Your own laughter grows louder, more energetic, joining the raised volume of the laughter from all around you.

This is the moment that changes everything--the moment when one world is born from the death of another. You turn to that one stubborn friend and you thank them. Without their bullheaded foolishness, you would've missed the magic of this moment... and you would've never known this world that had been hiding all around you.

Now, ask yourself: "Do you really believe I am talking about the carnival?"

Song of the Day: transient - crazy [Free from Dusted Wax]
"crazy" by transient