12yr old girl's Zombie Haiku

This talented 12 year old girl handed in a Zombie Haiku for her assignment... and got into trouble with her school over it. Read for yourself, this is awesome!

Zombie Haiku
by Miss Tuesday Cain

Murder of the mind,
...all the zombies will have died.
Blood will fall like rain.

[poster version below]

Spread the word. If you love creativity, individuality and/or zombies, get this out to others who share the same love. Let peeps know that this is NOT trouble, this is talent! Just no biting! ...unless you're already a zombie.

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This image is under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License, so feel free to tweet it, blog it or even modify it. While I designed it for her, I would prefer attribution go to Miss Tuesday Cain. It's her poem and her story. Click on the poster to go to Flickr.

12yr Old Girl's Zombie Haiku

Note: This week's RoadNews is a bit different, but creativity, individuality and self-expression are all firmly ingrained in the traveler's spirit... 'n this girl deserves our support. Also, I take personal offense to the fact that this happened in Austin. Zombies are not only a part of the culture here, but they're the life of the city... well, minus anything that really resembles any form of actual "life". Zombies need rights, too!

Update, April 14: Ryan Mecum, the author of the book "Zombie Haiku", sent out the best tweet about Tuesday's poem: "A 12yr old girl's in trouble for writing a zombie haiku in English class. Probably happened to Stephen King, too." He's absolutely right, I can only imagine that King spent years getting into trouble at school. Sending mad thanks to Ryan for the awesome reminder and the support.