Gratefulness Where Words Fail

Sometimes, the gratitude we feel cannot properly be put into words. As the Japanese would say: "gongo dödan"... "words fail". Language is such a small thing when compared to the emotions that overwhelm the mind. This week's double-hitter focuses first on gratitude, and then on basic humanitarian lessons with humorous and heart-opening twists.

Muchisima Gracias Con Un Beso Y Un Abrazo: This entry from The Mad To Live grabs "Thank You" by its tail and transforms it into the all-enveloping gratitude that can only come thru experience. This isn't the "Thank You" your mama taught ya, and it's worth the minute you'll spend reading it. All thanks 'n love to Mad To Live for this one.

How To Treat Others: 5 Lessons From an Unknown Author: Five quick lessons that can change everything. I was expecting a quick scan thru the story, then found myself re-reading it and forwarding it to others. At the same time, I have to say that the first lesson is one I picked up a long, long time ago: "Know The Cleaning Lady".

Song of the Day: ADHF - Lucid [Click to Download]
"Lucid" by The ADHF