ATX Feature: Epoch Coffee

This SXSW/ACL featured speakeasy focuses in on that all important liquid that has become the staple opiate of the masses--coffee. Epoch doesn't just serve up a mean cup o' bean juice, however. What really sets it apart is the fact that it doesn't close. That's right y'all, The Poch is a 24-hour affair... 'n there's even a night owl bus that will take you from downtown to Epoch at all hours of the night. For those who don't need to read any further, here's the info:
Epoch Coffee, 221 W North Loop Blvd, Austin, TX 78751 ~ 512.454.3762
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Directions: By day, take the #1 bus [schedule] to North Loop and Lamar. There will be a light at the intersection with a Philips 66 gas station on the right. By night, take the #481 bus [schedule] to 51st and Lamar. There will be a light at the intersection with a 7-Eleven gas station on the right. The night owl adds two blocks to your walk, so walk up two blocks to North Loop. From the North Loop and Lamar intersection, walk East along North Loop until you see the coffee shop on your right. Both buses pick up at 6th & Congress. If you're on wheels, you can just take Guadalupe all the way up from downtown.

Meet the Weirds: If you show up at The Poch in the middle of the night, you're not going to be alone. In fact, it's likely that you'll be looking for a place to sit. The place is not at all small, and they have tons of seating, but it is almost always full. If you want to strike up conversation with some authentic Austinites, then this actually works in your favor. Scout out a table where it looks like someone isn't hard at work, then ask if you can share the table... and promise that you don't bite too hard. If you're a bit of an oddball, you should fit in just fine. There's a reason that "Keep Austin Weird" is the city's motto, as the people and indie-shop culture really are "weird" when compared to the world outside this city's walls. Welcome.

Don't go over water, McFly: ...unless you've got some power! Epoch doubles as a cyber-cafe, with power outlets absolutely everywhere. We're talking outlets that hang from the ceiling, that line every wall and that stare at you from behind the odd collections of furniture. They have two wireless networks, so test which one works best from where you're sitting. If you have work to cram out overnight, this is the best place in Austin to do it from.

Graffiti Me a Love Letter: Before there was Epoch, there was Mojo's. The graffiti that you'll find in the restrooms at Epoch is a nod to the graffiti that coated the bathrooms of Mojo's, as well as the wall in the alley behind the place. Austin loves its graffiti. Graffiti on people? We call those tattoos. We love our tattoos as well. At Epoch, you're going to find a lot of both... as well as many other random acts of art all over the place. Anyone who likes a bland, orderly coffee shop should keep a safe distance from the entire city. You've been warned.

The Duke: Don't even bother trying to replace me as The Duke of Epoch. I check in here on Yelp far more often than is likely healthy. I'm a nocturnal creature who is addicted to coffee, cigarettes and weird moth3rfu$^@rz. That's Epoch... 'n I'm a weird m0therF%#@r. There is no other 24-hour coffee shop in Austin. Accept no replacements... there are none.

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Note: I've been informed that there may or may not be another 24-hour coffeehouse in Austin, but no one has been able to get me a name for it yet. Until I can verify it, I'm keeping the line "There is no other 24-hour coffee shop in Austin."