No Baggage and Burning

Quick double-hitter. El number uno: "Best of the No Baggage Challenge". I've been trying to think of ways to apply lightweight travel to hitchhiking... but a lot of it just doesn't apply. You're basically trading money for weight. If you can travel comfortable in your wallet, you can travel lightly in baggage. That's one crude fucking reduction of the actual challenge... so don't take it to heart. The Good Mister Potts is one of the iconic travelers of the time, and his experiments in travel are priceless. Here's my own fav from the "Best of" vids:

El numero dos: "The Thing About Burning Man". Gaea, over on System Andromeda, has written up a small but insightful entry on how Burning Man "breaks" a person open. The only thing I would add is that Burning Man will find that thing inside of you that you resist... and it will bend or break it. That's the magic of it.

And the fav phrase lately? From the French: "Coeur de Pirate"; "Pirate Heart"