A Soundtrack of Blood and Spirit

I know I'm not the only one who writes to a specific playlist. Gotta have a soundtrack. I know a few of my favorite writers do... 'n I'm no different. In the age of the iPod, I have entire playlists lined up for different times of the year... 'n for different stretches of road. For writing, I wanted something a little different. I'm 58-pages into writing the book. I was doing fine with the playlist I had... then along came a spider named Kraddy.

I saw Kraddy play at Burning Man two months ago. Root Society Underground has a 30ft dome... 'n Kraddy almost tore that dome down with how riled up he got us. There were people climbing on the dome itself... 'n everyone was shaking it by jumping up 'n down at the same time. The coordinator had to cut the power to the volume while they pulled peeps down off the dome 'n calmed everyone down. Once we'd calmed back down, they turned the volume back on... 'n Kraddy picked up right back where he'd left off... continuing the best show I've ever seen on the playa.

For those who haven't been to Burning Man, you need to know that Kraddy wasn't being paid for this. He was playing because it's Burning Man and because he's a burner himself. The art he gives to the playa is his music... 'n he burned brightly this year. He was head banging so hard to his own music that the dust he'd collected in his whiteboy fro was puffing out into the air to form little white dust clouds. That's burning in style.

So... now I've got me onesies two playlists for writing. My tastes are well off the deepend. I don't expect any readers to share my love for the music... but there are a few who'll get a kick outta it. It's been suggested to pick one or two songs, then put them on repeat while doing any type of mental activity. Instead, I've chosen a very specific genre and made a short playlist of the best songs from that side of the spectrum.

I'm now using Kraddy's new EP "Labyrinth" when writing the high energy stories... 'n using the playlist below when writing the more spiritually-oriented stories. Kraddy's EP is based off of Joseph Campbell's "The Hero's Journey", specifically the labyrinth itself. If you missed the quote on "The Labyrinth" by Joseph Campbell, you can hover over [this text] to read it. I didn't hear the comparison the first time I listened to it. After the fifth time... I can almost make out every twist 'n turn within the maze. This is an incredible accomplishment for a musician... 'n a true gift for us travelers.

The playlist I'm using for the more spiritually-oriented writings is short 'n sweet:

* Apparat - You Don't Know Me [Watch on YouTube]
* Beats Antique - Miss Levine [Free from BandCamp]
* Billie Holiday - Yesterdays (Junior Boys Remix) [Listen on YouTube]
* Burial - Dog Shelter [Listen on YouTube]
* Burial - Etched Headplate [Listen on YouTube]
* Burial - UK [Watch on YouTube]
* Eskmo - Cloudlight [Free from Eskmo dot Com] [Watch on YouTube]
* Eskmo - My Gears Are Starting to Tremble [Play on YouTube]
* Florence and the Machine - Heavy in Your Arms (C-Berg Remix) [Listen on YouTube]
* The Glitch Mob + Swan - Between Two Points [Listen on YouTube]
* Late - Bittersweet [Watch on YouTube]
* Late - Dreams Are [Watch on Vimeo]
* Late - Losing You [Listen on YouTube]
* Late - Under These Conditions [Watch on YouTube]
* Lorn - Tomorrow [Watch on YouTube]
* Of Porcelain - Here for Now [Free from BandCamp]
* Of Porcelain - Signal the Captain [Free from BandCamp]
* Phylum Sinter + Tamara Finlay - Before the Sun Blinds Us [Play on YouTube]
* R/D - Half a Decade [Free from BandCamp]
* Scuba - Before [Watch on YouTube]
* Tori Amos - Me and a Gun (Defected Moniker Remix) [Free from SoundCloud]
* Trifonic - Parks on Fire (Shem Remix) [Free from BandCamp]
* Truth - Don't Explain [Play on YouTube]
* 16Bit - Skyline [Play on YouTube]

Do you have a playlist or a favorite song you listen to while reading or writing? Jude and Joel over on "So Lost at Last" integrate music into their travel posts. It's a trait I'll try and pick up more often... eclectic fringe music tastes included. Mad love y'all!