Legend - Sharif Zawaideh

I make no joke when stating that this man has literally lived out of a teepee in the heart of winter. When peeps ask me if there's anyone out there who's more hardcore than I am, Sharif is the person I point to. When last I heard from him, he was hitchhiking from one boat to another across the Atlantic Ocean... on his way to Antarctica. He made it as far south as Argentina before turning back.

When I heard from him again, he was collecting votes for a contest on mountaineering. This wasn't the first time he's flexed the power of his community, nor will it likely be the last. No, the first time was when Cloudveil held a contest for who had the best skid crib. Sharif's video tour of his home in the teepee on the side of the mountain has since become legend... and it won him the contest.

The Teton Village Teepee

When I first met Sharif, he and his two friends had hitchhiked into Reno to meet up with my sister Gaea 'n I. My sister and I had opted for the train instead (legally? in America? it was soooo weird). The five of us were part of an eight-peep crew that'd been put together to help build Camp Mystic at Burning Man. Now, there are some peeps who take so much "stuff" to Burning Man that they need to bring an entire RV. The last time Sharif joined us, he showed up with a box not much larger than his chest. A box... to survive a week in the desert... at the greatest city on the planet. Are you getting all this, Houston?

Besides what he's taught me about construction, he's been a constant source of inspiration thru his own travels, and thru his photography and his documentaries. To get the job that he'd been going for, he had to answer the question: "How Do You Mountain?" If you didn't see his answer while it was up, you'll have to stay tuned in hopes that it's put back online. At the moment, the contest has moved the video to "private" status... and we're not invited. Boo on them.

For more from Sharif (aka, "The Dread Pirate Zawaideh"; aka, "Deep Ocean"; aka, "Noble Jesus"), check out his main site or Flickr account.

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"Highway" by Westy