Cancer Patient Removed from Hotel by Police. No Refund. No Proof

On Thursday, September 8th, police officers were called to The Golden Beach Hotel in Blackpool, England to remove two of its guests. The police stated: "No offense had been committed by the couple, but the manager had requested them to leave the property. We advised the couple how to go about getting a refund."

When the couple requested a refund, the hotel refused.

The Golden Beach Hotel has declined to comment.

Hotel management claims they had the couple removed because they'd posted a negative review about their establishment online. Here is the review by "ihatemu" on TripAdvisor. The couple denied the claim, but were removed by police with no refund despite this. Management, having gone to the drastic action of calling in the police, having refused refund and having responded to the review online in an ill-conceived manner have quickly tarnished the establishments reputation.

The man and his partner are rightfully outraged. They'd retired to the hotel following his release from chemotherapy for cancer and were met with this rather absurd welcoming at the hands of the hotel's management.

Step #1: Avoid Blackpool when traveling England. Easiest solution.
Step #2: If ya can't avoid Blackpool, avoid Golden Beach Hotel at all costs.
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For more on this, here's the story on The Telegraph:
Cancer patient 'thrown out of hotel after posting TripAdvisor review'

With thanks to TwitchHiker for turning me on to the story.