Philly Deathgreeter

Philly Deathgreeter
"Philly Deathgreeter" by Kantiki

Packing and getting ready for Burning Man. You'd think I'd be better prepped for my sixth year in the desert... and you'd be wrong. This statue in Philly always reminded me of the playa, so it was fitting to post it. I'll be away for the next two weeks... and... granting I survive it... I'll get back to posting. Oh yeah, clicking the image goes to Flickr. There's plenty of embedding options there for anyone who likes it and wants to post it on their own site.

I was going to add in a little review on this place, as it was the best Mexican we had in all the North-East, but then I came across this awesome review that already pinned it over on on Mac & Cheese here. Anyone passing anywhere near Philly really shouldn't miss a chance to hit up Las Bugambilias.

Mad love! Burn bright... and stay lit!

Black Rock City From Above