Philly Deathgreeter

Philly Deathgreeter
"Philly Deathgreeter" by Kantiki

Packing and getting ready for Burning Man. You'd think I'd be better prepped for my sixth year in the desert... and you'd be wrong. This statue in Philly always reminded me of the playa, so it was fitting to post it. I'll be away for the next two weeks... and... granting I survive it... I'll get back to posting. Oh yeah, clicking the image goes to Flickr. There's plenty of embedding options there for anyone who likes it and wants to post it on their own site.

I was going to add in a little review on this place, as it was the best Mexican we had in all the North-East, but then I came across this awesome review that already pinned it over on on Mac & Cheese here. Anyone passing anywhere near Philly really shouldn't miss a chance to hit up Las Bugambilias.

Mad love! Burn bright... and stay lit!

Black Rock City From Above

The No Baggage Challenge

Rolf Potts is the man-dizzle. Not only did he write the insanely helpful book "Vagabonding" that launched an entirely new wave of, but he's now pressing the limits of travel by going without luggage across twelve countries. You read that right. In his latest episode, he went over washing clothes and tricks to drying them on top of other helpful and fun parts to the journey. It definitely has people talking in a big way about the pros and cons of light travel. And, as with most things that border on greatness, the voices behind the cons are loudest... although they simply seem to be repeating each other.

If you haven't tuned in yet, here is the link to Rolf's Travels.


"Beached" by Kantiki

It's not every day that you run across a boat that's been beached... let alone in Santa Barbara, California. It'll definitely put an interesting spin on the day. On a boat-related sidenote, my friend Sharif has hitchhiked across boats before. He was originally aiming for Antarctica. It wasn't until he was deep into South America that he turned back. Still... frakking made it from Alaska to South Am by hitching boats. He's one of the few travelers that I consistently give props to for outdoing myself.

The Road That Jack Built

While in the current world it's rather hard to believe, there once was a time when America was almost "the good guys". This poem comes from that time... 'n it's a reminder of hitchhiking soldiers and the importance of the road in terms of the war.

This is the cause, democracy and right,
That enlisted the Nation in all its might,
That called our boys, staunch and true,
That need the food, munitions and stores,
That make up the load,
That travels the road
That Jack built.
From "The Highway Magazine", V9.N1, 1918

How the Elves Settled Texas

[Speakeasy, TX, San Marcos] Rivendell Restaurant & Gardens: When the first elvish settlers moved into Texas, they planted the young seeds that would become Rivendell Restaurant & Gardens. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be. Only a few thousand years after the elves passed on the restaurant to human caretakers, the restaurant closed... and San Marcos lost one of its premier attractions to the city. This Tolkienesque experience was a restaurant with every wall painted in murals of fields and forests, with trees that poured water in cascades down their stumps and with sofas formed of stones. The cats had likely been bribed by the cooks to stay away from the tables where customers dined on savory sandwiches made from fresh-baked bread. Wandering the tiered gardens after the meal was a refreshing way to let the tummy settle before heading down to the San Marcos river for an afternoon swim. I can attest to the fact that there's still an elf here and there near the river... or at least humans who can pass for elves.

• 817 Chestnut Street, San Marcos, TX 78666 • Yelp Page

Bear Canyon Trail, Sabino Canyon

"Bear Canyon Trail" by Kantiki

W00t! Just found out that there's a Sabino Canyon Blog [Here on Blogger]. With how vividly the canyon captures the beauty of the desert, it's no surprise how many people praise the area. If you're passing anywhere near Tucson, Arizona, then don't miss the chance to love up some o' this rocky, thorny, blasted goodness.