HOPE Graffiti Park and MtG Cards

I recently visited HOPE Outdoor Gallery and graffiti park again, intentionally bringing video equipment as I know they're tearing it down in the spring of 2019. I mixed in photos from other visits, with TOR's songs setting the beats as I explore the place and bring them to you. The real video and music, however, is for patrons only and you'll find that here on my Patreon:

VanLife Travel Log: A Memory of HOPE (Sat, Nov 3, 2k18)

I've been busy getting my fractal designs ready for the holiday seasons. The big news? My number one best seller -- "The Colors of Magic" -- now has its own official store. Check it out!

The Fractal Colors of Magic the Gathering on Shirts and Clothing for Men (Love Moxes!)

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Voyage Dallas Magazine - Meet Jaya Prime, on Fractal Art, on VanLife, on Travels

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jaya Prime.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
How does a hitchhiker of more than a decade end up as an international fractal designer who now appears on many books covers and music albums? I tell you what: I didn’t start off in this direction.

I started as a music orchestrator and producer, making and mixing music between cities as I traveled from state to state, then from country to country. It was until a childhood tumor eventually caught up with me that I started to lose my hearing. Facing a hard wall such as this, I fell back on the illuminated art forms that I had been studying since when I was a pup.

The above is merely an excerpt from the full interview. Read the full article here:

Voyage Dallas Magazine: Meet Jaya Prime

Fractal Artist San Jaya Prime

VanLife Street Art and Fractal Introduction from Le Plan in Paris, France

Infinite fractal worlds and endless horizons travelling and living in vans, cars, trains, and exploring all that is possible within the human spirit. Filmed live at the legendary Le Plan music venue in Paris, France and centered on street art, travel, and fractals.

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This is part of my 18-year anniversary since the day on June 30th of 2000 that I became a hitchhiker, later a world DJ, and now a VanLifer who designs are and products while on the road.

Song: "Words without Wind" by Jaya Prime

My "Colors of Magic" MtG fractal shirt available here.

Shouting out so much love and gratitude to YOU -- to all my patrons, investors, and supporters who fuel every mile along the road and who sets these fractals on fire: The Skybreak Tribe; Laus Tibi Christe; The Realtor 4 You; Ibrahim AlHusseini; Fractal Sky; Gaea Phoenix; Terry Gotham; Jedi Trevor; both SJ and John; LiLi Glitch; Mark Mandel; and iGistics.